HWHOWARD D. WEISINGER has been a licensed attorney since 1984. His practice is concentrated in the area of consumer Bankruptcy & Chapter 13 and Foreclosure Defense. For most of his professional career he has helped consumers save their homes and discharge their debts. His experience comes from handling thousands of consumer cases since 1984. Howard understands his client’s file Bankruptcy, Chapter 13, or need representation in a Foreclosure action because of circumstances beyond their control. Even though each person’s story is unique, they have usually been the victim of loss of employment, divorce or separation, illness or injury.

During the course of his practice, he has litigated issues in the Bankruptcy Court which include:

  • Non-dischargeability of debts
  • Avoiding liens on client’s homes
  • Tax dischargeability
  • Creditor claims practices
  • Violations of the automatic stay and  discharge order
  • Objections to discharge
  • The defense and prosecution of adversary proceedings on behalf of his clients
  • Reinstatement of a driver’s license suspended for an uninsured accident

His Foreclosure Defense practice has included issues which:

  • Modify the mortgage under Court supervision
  • Contest the bank’s authority to bring the foreclosure action in the first place
  • Challenging the bank’s right to enforce the mortgage or note on your property
  • Challenging the alleged “service” of the foreclosure complaint on his clients
  • Challenging the bank’s claim that they were assigned the paperwork that would allow them to bring the foreclosure action

Howard D. Weisinger is admitted to practice in the Courts of the State of New York, the Eastern and Southern Districts of New York, the United States Supreme Court, the Northern District of Illinois, and the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals.

He is also a proud member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys.